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ICARUS is a session-based PvE survival game for up to eight co-op players or solo.

Confront and conquer a brutal PvE world determined to wear you down or tear you apart. From a toxic atmosphere to savage wildlife and game-altering weather events, Icarus is a planet with a temper. Preparation and planning are everything. Whether it’s to find a source of oxygen, stalk your next meal, or stock supplies for a long journey into the wilderness.

Immerse yourself in a deceptively familiar, yet alien, world. The First Cohort of Prospectors has been granted initial mining licenses for over 64 square kilometers of hand-crafted terrain full of hidden corners and resources to mine and diverse biomes to explore. Use the resources around you to survive – every single tree is harvestable, and every rock can be voxel mined.

Master two separate tech trees: planet-side and orbital. Use the planet’s resources to craft handmade tools, buildings, and machinery to protect yourself and aid your mission. Then return to orbit with your prize – rare exotic materials that you can engineer into advanced tech. As you progress, choose which tech to take on your next drop so you can travel further, gather faster, automate production, or survive longer.

Your time on Icarus is limited, so use every second wisely. The orbital space station waits for no one. If you fail to return to your dropship in time, there is no rescue – your character’s progression and tech are lost to planet Icarus. Drop sessions can vary from hours to days long with varied missions and locations. Every drop has a clear goal and time limit, but how you overcome its challenges is up to you.